About Feline Friends

Feline Friends (Derbyshire) is a registered charity dedicated to relieving the suffering and distress of cats which are in need of care and attention, be it due to sickness, bad treatment, or poor circumstances. To this end we try to help cat owners better understand the welfare needs of their feline companions.

 We do not compete for funding with other charities, and therefore we do not ask for donations. Feline Friends is financed solely by its Trustees, and indeed often assists other worthwhile feline charities towards achieving their goals.

We believe that we all still have a great deal to learn about our cats and their care, and we therefore frequently finance scientific research in our quest for more knowledge. We organise free symposia for veterinary professionals with speakers of repute, and free webinars for vets.

These free webinars for cat owners are our latest venture into bringing greater insight into how we can all endeavour to ensure that our much loved feline friends lead full and healthy lives.

For the Charity’s main website please go to www.feline-friends.org.uk to find out more about feline welfare.

Registered Charity Number: 1125729

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