List of previous webinars by subject

27th March 2019 : Infectious diseases in cats

27th February 2019 : Kidney disease in cats

23rd January 2019 : Multi-cat Households (how to help cats live harmoniously together)

19th December 2018 : Hyperthyroidism

28th November 2018 : The Diabetic Cat: more than just insulin injections

31st October 2018 : Is my cat itchy?

27th June 2018 : A glimpse of feline fangs

23rd May 2018 : Desperate housecats? The indoor/outdoor debate

25th April 2018 : Step away from the flea bomb! A measured approach to flea and tick control

21st March 2018 : Flabby Felines and Cuddly Kitties: The growing problem with feline obesity

21st February 2018 : Caring for Older Cats

26th January 2018 : Nursing Sick Cats: Tips for Carers